How do you choose the non-profits? Is any non-profit eligible? 

    The artists lead the way regarding the causes we focus on and we ask them for their suggestions on which non-profits to support. We're always looking for non-profits who are doing inspiring work. If you'd like to suggest an organization, please send an email to emily@causalityapparel.ca. We'd love to hear from you!

    Any non-profit is eligible, so long as they are supporting a hopeful, positive cause and vision for the future. We can't guarantee that your cause will be supported - there are so so so many. But you should definitely let us know what you feel passionate about - and then tell everyone else too! That's kind of what Causality is all about. 

    How do the donations get divided up between the non-profits?

    When you purchase a t-shirt, you'll see the standard question about sizing, but then you'll also see another option - to select a non-profit. Your money goes where you tell us you want it to go! That's it!  

    How do you select your artists?

    We're asking people to apply. Right here. Do it! We'd love to see your art and then put  your art on a t-shirt! 

    Do I have to be a graphic designer to design a shirt?

    You definitely don't have to be a professional graphic designer to contribute to Causality. You DO need access to design software like Photoshop or Adobe illustrator, a creative vision, and a cause. If you want to apply, you can do that here

    Are there ways to get involved that does not require artistic ability?

    We can definitely talk about any ideas you have about this! Email emily@causalityapparel.ca with "Get Involved" in the subject line. 

    Do you ship outside of Canada?

    Not right now. We're really focused on Canadian causes and non-profits. If there's enough interest, we'll definitely consider it in the future. 

    Who makes your shirts? What are they made of?

    Jerico is Canadian Made Socially Conscious Apparel and provides all of Causality's t-shirts. 

    Currently, we're printing all of our shirts on a slim fit bamboo unisex, crewneck t-shirt that is made of bamboo jersey (70% rayon from bamboo; 30% organic cotton). They are all pre-shrunk and pre-washed. 

    Most importantly, they are made in Canada. To see a video of their factories click here

    Do you do returns? 

    At this time, we're really new to the t-shirt game. Unfortunately, we can't offer returns, but we will offer you store credit if your item is damaged or the wrong size when you receive it. Just contact us at emily@causalityapparel.ca with "Store Credit" in the subject line. If your shirt isn't damaged, we hope you'll pay it forward and gift it to a friend or donate it.